Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Red Sea Rules

No, I'm not proclaiming my undying loyalty to the body of water in the Middle East. This is a tremendously helpful book for those who find themselves in a tight spot.

The Israelites had found themselves at a place called 'Land's End' (no, not the clothing place dummy...Land's End like the edge of the water.) The massive and furious Egyptian army was bearing down on these unarmed former slaves and the massive Red Sea was before them. They were literally cornered. And it was God who had brought them to this impossible predicament. Why? SO THAT He could make his power and fame known in the lives of those He loved.

The Red Sea Rules are 10 'rules,' written by Robert Morgan, to help you get grip on the impossible thing that you are facing. It has been a great big help to our family. You can order it at CBD and Amazon.


  1. I am such a faithful follower. I just ordered the book. Thank you so much for sharing it. Isn't blog power amazing? Love Kim

  2. order more than one...I'm sure you know someone that you'll want to give it away to...........