Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27th, 1985

July 27, 1985. That was a great day in the lives of Janie-Lynn Brown and Chris Booth. Married at last! We'd dated since we were Sophomores and Juniors (respectively) in high school, and here we were at last, saying "I do" right in front of God and everybody! Nineteen years old! Crazy! Actually, I think lots of people thought we were crazy, gittin' hitched so young, but we knew...we knew in our guts that we were meant for each other for life. And we were. We proved it out over 25 years. Madly in love.

I promised Janie before she died

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rachel Barkey: Death Is Not Dying

Janie died two months ago today. Amazing. I'm still a little shell-shocked, frankly. Sometimes I can hardly believe this could have happened. Not just (just?) her dying, but the cancer and the surgeries and the treatments and her dying and everything. It just shouldn't have happened...not to Janie, right?

God has a great big purpose in it all, though, for Janie (mission accomplished regarding her, I suppose!), for myself, for my family and for everyone who knew and loved Janie. Who knows how her spirited battle with cancer, and her insistence on the Goodness of God in it all, will repercuss in different people's lives? Kind of like how you see