Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27th, 1985

July 27, 1985. That was a great day in the lives of Janie-Lynn Brown and Chris Booth. Married at last! We'd dated since we were Sophomores and Juniors (respectively) in high school, and here we were at last, saying "I do" right in front of God and everybody! Nineteen years old! Crazy! Actually, I think lots of people thought we were crazy, gittin' hitched so young, but we knew...we knew in our guts that we were meant for each other for life. And we were. We proved it out over 25 years. Madly in love.

I promised Janie before she died
that I would work really hard at not becoming 'morose' (her word) once she was gone. Well, I've just had a tough two weeks, frankly, and I've been sad...I just miss her a lot and I think that's allowed...it's not morose Janie, I just miss you! 

I got some all-alone time yesterday...a rarity for me lately. So I took a quick jaunt in the woods up at Pine Hill Park here in Rutland. Right within the city limits are 16 miles of wooded trails for hiking and mountain biking. Oh, the smell of the earth and the quiet sound of the birds and the feel of the breeze on my skin...I felt so rejuvenated after having felt kind of cooped-up by work and home routines and other demands on my time. And I had a great quiet time with God. Just walking and talking and, as Brother Lawrence put it, "Practicing The Presence of God." And it occurred to me - it stopped me in my tracks, really - that I may have lost Janie, but I also had her for more than twenty five years! Twenty five years of day in and day-out amazing Janie-ness!

So now I feel calm. Relaxed. It's good. I'm glad the last two weeks are behind me now and today, on our wedding anniversary, I'm feeling reflective and really just blessed. Blessed that I got more than 25 years of 'Janie-time.' We did so many things together! We body surfed in the Atlantic, we hiked in the Green Mountains,  heck we even we kissed on the top of the Eiffel Tower for heaven's sake! What a life we had together! Thank you, God, for blessing me with Janie. I'm celebrating her vivacious, vibrant life today, July 27th.


  1. Well how about that - July 27th is my birthday! It's been . . . instructive . . . to observe (at least in a small way) your path through the past few months, Chris. It has encouraged me. Truly. And I continue to mention you before the Father.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Blaine. And a Birthday shoutout to Janie's sister Wendy...her birthday is also July 27, though I won't say how old she is!!

    Oh, also Blaine, my daughter and her boyfriend went to see Andy McKee here in VT last night...I couldn't go *sniff* but they said it was mind-bending....

  3. Thanks so much for this Chris. The Brother Lawrence reminder is so good - you are such a blessing in so many ways. We are praying for you also. Regarding the wedding photo - just have a couple reflections to share...LOVE the dusty rose tie (Janie and I once discussed how dusty rose and forest green were our "colors" for our wedding gifts - we also had dusty rose ties (and cumberbuns (sp?) in our wedding). A little known funfact: Dusty rose hit it's peak back then and I'm afraid has been sadly on the decline ever since. On a sidenote, I was just out on Tapawingo where I saw one of my bridesmaids dresses hanging as a costume still in use - I thought about how Janie would have laughed about that so hard! Also LOVE the abundance of baby's breath I see in the photo which was also in abundance at our wedding. And is that a napkin carefully tucked in Janie's dress to avoid any mishaps? Just such a delightful picture of both of you for so many reasons. 25 years - amazing. Nate and I just hit 20 years on June 30. We love you guys.
    Love Kim

  4. Oh, just one more thing - I LOVE how you were both drinking out of stirrer straws. Okay - that's it. Love Kim

  5. Yes, Dusty Rose was the color of the day, Kim. I was in 2 other weddings in the years before and after Chris, too, and thus had 3!! dusty rose bridesmaid dresses. C & J's had grey sashes to match the guys tuxes.
    To continue comments on the picture, Chris, I absolutely love the baby pics on the board in the background, too. I guess people have graduated to slides then to videos/power point nowadays!! You were the cutest - I love the smiley one of you crawling - it has always been a favorite.
    Sorry I couldn't comment before this. Just didn't know what to say. I see Grammie in Herbie's yellow Jag in my mind with these pics, too. And this is how I remember you both the most, of course, too, as our lives went our own ways in the years after. I'm so glad for the years we had, and for new memories these days and to come with you, too.