Friday, December 24, 2010

Creepiest Piggy Bank Ever

I really have a lot to be happy about this Christmas. I've got so many blessings, not least of which has been the wonderful opportunity to give money away and to buy a cow to give away! Because of your generosity (and your love for Janie, I know), I've been able to help three needy families in the Rutland area. And that's over and above the money that will soon be sent to Food For The Hungry for the cow!

I must say that sitting with these people and hearing their stories, and being able to help them has made this Christmas exciting and happy for me rather than depressing.

Another highlight along the way was when some friends delivered

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 20th 'Deadline'

Thank you so much, all of you who gave to Janie's Christmas Stocking project! Money is still coming in, and we will be giving away the first batch of cash to a local needy family sometime this week before Christmas.

There is still time to give, though, because the check for the cow to Food For The Hungry won't go out till after Christmas.

I try to imagine the looks on the faces of whatever far-off family is going to be receiving this cow...when they first hear they are going to be getting it. Or the look on the faces of

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Janie's Christmas Cow

Well, this is just an epic piece of art sent by a close family buddy, Becca Hall. Doesn't that make you want to give lots of money for a cow for a needy family? A note Becca included said that she made the cow purple because that's what Janie would have done. And she is exactly right, isn't she?

(If you don't yet know what I'm referring to, click here, or, if you are on the blog's main page, just scroll down one post.)

To those of you who have sent in money for the cow (and for the yet-to-be-determined needy Rutland family), I'd like to send out a great big THANK YOU! It's been very encouraging to open your envelopes and I can't wait to pass it along. What a blessing to me.

We've given a deadline of

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Janie's Stocking

I want to get a cow for Christmas. I know that sounds funny, but really, I want to get a cow for Christmas.


So we went ahead and decided to set up all the Christmas decorations. Janie had a few rules about Christmas 'set-up' at our house. First: on the day we get our tree we will play Bing Crosby Christmas music and eat those gross frozen 'delights' from the grocery store freezer that we would never, ever eat otherwise. I mean the frozen puff pastries and the frozen snack trays and little weiner hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury pastry. Actually, those are delectable. Second: the Christmas tree must be taller than her. Period. Third: We must purchase our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. No earlier, no later. This third one, I am sure, was to extend the deliciousness of the Christmas season for as long as possible. Janie loved Christmas.

I decided that we would honor these traditions in the Booth household, but I was a bit concerned about