Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 20th 'Deadline'

Thank you so much, all of you who gave to Janie's Christmas Stocking project! Money is still coming in, and we will be giving away the first batch of cash to a local needy family sometime this week before Christmas.

There is still time to give, though, because the check for the cow to Food For The Hungry won't go out till after Christmas.

I try to imagine the looks on the faces of whatever far-off family is going to be receiving this cow...when they first hear they are going to be getting it. Or the look on the faces of
the local family when they open an envelope full of cash when they need it so badly! What a great privilege to be able to help someone else on a planet where so many have a 'what's-in-it-for-me' attitude. So when I say 'thank you,' what I mean is thank you for helping us to help someone else in a bigger way than we could have by ourselves! And, by the way, helping someone else has helped me immeasurably to 'make it through' the holiday season without Janie. So you have helped more than a financially needy have helped me and my family as well. It has been a joy for me to watch the mailbox for your checks. And as you know, both the cow and the cash will be given in Jesus' name, which touches hearts deeper than any cow or cash alone could.

Anyway, that's the update for now. To those of you who have already given to Janie's Stocking, a hearty 'Thanks!' and watch this space for the total that came in once I've tallied it. And of course there are still a few more days left in December, so it's not too late.....

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