Saturday, August 7, 2010

Poor Janie?

So the kids and I spent the day at Soulfest (a 4-day Christian rock music festival) on Wednesday....saw Switchfoot again (3rd time since November - I know, it's a sickness I guess...). We had a great time...even got to hear Jon Foreman do a nice acoustic set on top of Gunstock mountain. There we were on the top of a mountain with the sun shining (blasting really), and the sky was blue and the clouds were white and the dragonflies were darting and we were hearing an acoustic set by our favorite artist. Sweet. And as I soaked in the moment, I thought to myself, "there's really no where else I'd rather be right now..."

And I also thought, "oh what a shame that Janie can't be here to see this - she'd love it." And I caught myself. What! Poor Janie? No, I don't think so. True enough that she'd like it; but with all due respect to the super-spiffy abilities of Jon Foreman, I'm afraid they are nothing compared to the soul-fulfilling happiness that Janie was experiencing in the Presence of Jesus Christ even while we sat on that mountain. And she experiences such joy still, even now as I type this post, and even now as you read it!

" Thy presence is fullness of joy!" Psalm 16:11.

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