Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I wrote this down back in December of 2007:

We just got home from seeing the stage show of "White Christmas" at the Wang Center down in Boston. The Wang Center has an impressively beautiful foyer, with gilded arches and soaring four story baroque architecture. Heavenly motifs of angels and gods and puffy clouds and blue skies float above your head. As we waited there for the doors to open, I told Carly [my 10-year-old-at-the-time daughter], "look up." I wanted to watch her face as she took it all in. She was impressed. The wonder on her face and the sparkle of Christmas lights reflected in her little glasses is a sweet memory for me.

So as I tucked her into bed tonight, I asked her to remember that feeling of wonder as she looked up in the Wang Center foyer. Then I told her that being with God in heaven will be like that feeling, only a million times better. She reacted with a satisfying, round-eyed, "wooooow." And I thought to myself, "that may be the best thing I've told her so far."

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