Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So we met with Dr. Eisemann (Janie's oncologist) today and he has her all lined up to start a chemo drug called what the IRS likes to do...heh,, you know, 'tax-all?' Get it? Heh...tough crowd. Anyway, the kicker here is that in order for them to keep Janie from having an allergic reaction to the drug, they want her to take 20 milligrams of a steroid the night before treatment and 20 more the morning of! Janie gets the super-hyper jitters from only 5-10 milligrams! So if you would like any housework or cleaning or construction or road-paving done between the hours of 10pm and 8am Sunday night, we'll put you on the list...Janie will be up (literally) for just about anything.

She still has her hair, though it has thinned quite a bit. She's thinking of getting a wig like Dolly Parton wears...yeah, the big one from 1972. Use your imagination...wait for it....wait for it.....yeah, that's right, she'd be pretty cool.

We are of course praying that the
Taxol will do a great job and work for a good long time. I am praying too that it will 'miss' or 'spare' healthy cells and only attack the cancer cells. We'll be watching blood test numbers and Cat Scan results to see how the Taxol performs. Even though radiation finished on Monday, the nurse said that it is still actually "continuing to work" for the next couple of weeks! Now I understand the eerie green glow coming from the other side of the bed. I guess I can get rid if my Hello Kitty night light now.

We want to say another big THANKS to those of you who are praying for us and thanks too for the nice cards and all means so much. Janie loves Psalms 140-150 - read them and be encouraged! Nothing is impossible with God!

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  1. We are praying - thank you so much for keeping us posted. We love you guys so much and are praying along with you for "tax all" (and you are funny).