Saturday, January 2, 2010

Janie Update 1-2-2010

Happy New Year! Here's Janie's latest. The chest tube is out (yay) but she still has the cough (boo). Please pray that the cough would just disappear so her lungs (both of them) can stay in place and not become detached again. Of course, if the Lord wants the cough to disappear through the use of medicines, please pray that just the right one would be thought of, prescribed and put to work with much success...and very soon too please!

Janie was (hooray!) able to make it to the New Year's worship night that we had planned...and she barely coughed at all! I am so grateful that she could was her idea in the
first place for the kids to put this on during their Christmas/New Year's break, so it was so great that she didn't miss it.

Anyway, I also wanted to mention that because she has had so much radiation on her hip area, the bones in that whole area are quite brittle. In actuality, this round of radiation will be the last round of radiation: the doctor said she has reached the limit of what is a 'safe' (haha) amount of radiation in that area. So we have to be very careful that she never fall or she could break a bone very easily. And how do you 'set' a pelvis? I think the answer is: you don't. So we'd appreciate your prayers as we go through the snowy winter. We do have a few steps outside the back door, so we go slower now and that's of course annoying for her since it makes her feel like an old lady needing help down the stairs. Argh!

The snow however is very beautiful here in Vermont (we expect 9" by morning); the trees are all sugar-coated and it there is the feeling of expectancy in the silent winter air.

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