Friday, February 19, 2010

How Metrosexual Is Your Worship Leader?

How Metrosexual is your worship leader? Here's a handy 55 point test!

I guess there are lots of ways to 'do' to be able to laugh at ourselves, right?

Of course in Vermont, you need to go to Burlington - maybe - to experience this Christian culture phenomenon...maybe in a few more decades....

A few more funny additions to this are here and here.

It looks like some of this will be in a book...I hope it's only satire and not sarcastic-to-the-point-of-mean...but at least I could pull it out of my Euro-man-purse and stay currently Christian as I sip my double decaf green tea frappuccino at Starbucks...oh, no, wait...Rutland doesn't have a Starbucks...*sigh.*


  1. Ya gotta know I'm sending this on to my worship leader! hahaha. Btw, the word in the family is that there may be some VT vacationing in the works for this summer. My father-in-law and bro-in-law want to do some riding up there and I may join them... Maybe we'll get a chance to meet? That would be a sweet privilege for me... along with the riding, of course. ;)

  2. Wow, where in VT does your fam go? And when you say 'ride' do mean a horse or something with an engine or perhaps a bike? I think something might be arranged, though honestly we can't think that far out at what a party pooper.

  3. well, horsepower is definitely involved! ;) We try and take the motorcyles out for some exercise each summer... not sure where they will land in VT. We've driven in and around there before. I'll just keep Rutland in the back of my mind and if we are in that area, maybe we can arrange for a little stop and a cool glass of water. Grin... like you, I don't plan that far out for much of anything ;)

  4. WORD. Funniest post that lifted my spirits highest yet. Not that my spirits aren't always up... :-)
    Come to Philly and visit. You should find quite a few MS's that fit that description here. None of whom I'm interested in, thank you very much... I knew what you were thinking...

  5. Heh, yeah, thought crossed my mind...'Zakk' would be a nice could share scarves and skinny jeans...well, actually, I envision someone with a little more meat on his bones haha.

    We'd of course love to see how you are situated in Philly...not traveling much these days though *sigh*

    Nice to hear from you Val!!!

  6. Well, I took the test and only scored a 7, so I'm in good shape I think. I wear jeans on stage, have a soul patch and tattoo (not visible) and usually my thick hair is in desperate need of product, so it gets it! I like that the little cartoon guy is playing a Taylor ;)