Monday, February 8, 2010

Janie Update 2-8-10

I just realized its been 3 weeks since the last update on time for a quick update.

We are still very glad to have the chest tubes out...not a pleasant experience. She still has a persistent cough, however...we don't know if this is doing damage and almost don't want to know!

I myself also had the flu last weekend and it moved north and developed into a sinus infection complete with, of all things, a cough. So poor Janie had to play nursemaid to me...a cruel role reversal...and as a result (I'm guessing)
it must have given Janie even more of a cough. She coughs a lot lately.

However, a bright spot was yesterday: Janie felt well enough to go to church! Which was great because we hadn't been able to go (because of the cough) for the last four Sundays. It was so great to be able to go. I hadn't expected it it to feel so nice to be in church and sing and hear the word of God preached.

And now just today, we went out again, this time to Carly's last basketball game of the season. And Carly didn't disappoint: 12 points (out of the total 28 for a win! Yup, proud dad - so sue me!). It was wonderful for Janie to be at the game...she has had to miss so many because of health stuff.

We really want to ask that you keep praying that her cough would abate. It is nerve-wracking each time she has a cough, especially if it escalates into a 'fit.'  We have found that chewing an untoasted bagel helps, as weird as that sounds. Just the right consistency I guess. But how many bagels can one woman eat? She takes Tussienex, which is a very strong prescription cough suppressant...with only a little effect. We are really hoping and praying for a miracle!

Oh, and she's back on her weekly chemo schedule...please pray that the chemo would do exactly what it was designed to do: kill cancer cells while sparing healthy ones. And pray that Janie's stamina will hold up whlie she does battle on two fronts: chemo and cough. Thank you so much for your prayers!

"Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings." Psalm 63:7

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  1. I'm blessed and grateful for the words our Father is bring you to in the Psalms. Praying, because of Who we pray to.