Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy All The Time

Naturally, I think about Heaven a lot these's Brooks Williams singing a simple, cheerful tune called "Happy All The Time" in a weirdly old-timey looking video......oh, come on, give it a chance, at least to hear the

We got to hear Brooks play a few times down at L'Abri in Massachusetts way back in the eighties...back when he had hair and he'd just released his first album. That's a happy memory for me.....and a slide on a blues guitar is just so good:


  1. LOVE IT! I could listen to that alllll evening long.

  2. I actually like the album version of happy all the time better...none of that scratched record effect that was added and it has a nice clean studio sound...

    I don't think he plays any that ok Blaine? 8P

  3. Well...I'm a pretty forgiving guy...:)