Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I am irked. The problem is just not going away.

I don't very often ask for direct interaction on this blog, though sometimes some of you cool people out there add your comments, which I love.

But this time, at the risk of looking silly for asking and getting no responses, I'm asking for your feedback: what's wrong with this picture? Hint: there's nothing wrong photographically with the image.

My answer / rant in the next post........


  1. Yellow dragons are supposed to breath noxious gas, not belch fire?

  2. The guy's arms are way too short.
    The whole photo has been really photoshopped. His eyes are focusing beyond the surface of the whatever-it-is - a phone? - he's looking at. Maybe they are trying to depict a 3D image that's supposed to be going on...? I'm not really sure what the message is that the ad is supposed to be communicating, but I think it's that - realistic 3D?

    And I think you, knowing you, that you are irked at the lack of true photographic talent that is out there - everything is "fixed", nothing is real. Where's the art? Am I getting warmer?

    AAAANNNND I wrote the above thinking all along that you HAD said in your hint that there IS something wrong photographically. So I'm barking up the wrong tree. oops. but I still think I'm right about the photoshopping. It's wearying. (But I do like how you got rid of my blotchy skin... :P)

    So, on to your real question. And Marc, I think that is noxious gas, don't you?
    The problem is with people these days, especially the younger ilk who play DSes, have no grasp on Real Reality.

    Also the guy is way too old - who do you know that age that plays a DS? Yes, I figured out what it was.

    Can't wait for the rant.

  3. "Less Virtual. More Reality." ???! Yeah, that's likely what I'm thinking when I see my kids glued to those little games... "go for it son!! get more 'reality'! ;p

    The marketing ploy that would start on such an ignorant foundation as offering that these games and gaming technology in general have any sense of reality as their objective is irksome enough. Isn't the whole point (and actual reality) that these games and devices are to help you 'escape' from reality? And how can what is 'virtual' in its very nature somehow take you to... more reality?

    I'm not a gamer... but I've been an 'escape artist' most of my life. It started with books - mysteries, adventure, Louis L'Amour,... and then TV and Movies. Living 'virtually' isn't new, but they've definitely made it more appealing with technology.

  4. He'd experience more reality if he'd put down the DS and step away...

  5. Well, in your own special ways, each of you is 'right.' Though Carol got the closest to where I'm headed with this. Or maybe Marc was....