Monday, August 15, 2011

Caleb Chapman at Soulfest

A highlight of Soulfest for me was a set from Caleb Chapman (son of Steven Curtis Chapman). He has started a band called 'Caleb' with his brother Will and a couple other guys whose names I don't know, and they are really quite good.

So they were playing their set but
it was getting a little later at night and evidently Soulfest has 'quiet hours' so people camping nearby can have some quiet. So they asked the band to unplug, which is really difficult when you're not in a living room. There were probably 50 or 100 people gathering around in this big tent, and they did what they could to play unplugged, and I was impressed with their patience with what seemed to me to be an unreasonable request to play so quietly at a rock festival and it wasn't really that late yet. They decided to come down off the stage with some of their gear, all unplugged, and so we cleared a hole in the middle of the audience and they played a few songs like that.

This song, Where Did We Go Wrong, has some sobering lyrics.

The reason that I wanted to share them here is because of what happened after: as we were walking away, Anna caught a glimpse of the band backstage. Rather than raging and striding around angry at the Soulfest organizers for making them play in such poor conditions, she saw them in a circle, praying.

Here's another song, Kingdom of Me, which has fantastic lyrics (and is a 'real' recording so you can actually understand him...):


  1. Hi! I was there when Caleb performed at Soulfest2011 and I actually bought their EP... but the problem is I can't find anything on them anywhere :( When I went to upload their music to my computer it won't recognize the correct band information... It keeps trying to say that it is some RnB guy.... :( Why can't I find stuff on these guys anymore? Love their music... <3

  2. Casey that's cool that you were at Soulfest too. Yeah Caleb can be a little hard to fund, especially considering who his dad is. The band is on iTunes for the album "To The Ends Of The World".