Monday, October 24, 2011

Goat Rodeo Sessions

Oh, man, this will be incredible. Comes out tomorrow.........


  1. Chris, I love it when you post these cool treasures I would completely miss out on othewise, thanks. :)

  2. Well now I know what to spend my Amazon gift certificate on - Thanks! Cool project! Here's one for you to check out:
    Can't vouch for the rest of the album since I haven't heard it yet but I liked the two songs you can preview. ps. didn't you love the part on the video where they slapped their (what are probably) $4,000 bows together at the end???

  3. Tim, you're welcome...I really just stumbled across this one on the worlwide interweb

    Celeste, I'll check out Brendan....friend of yours? I too like the bow 'clink' at the end...funny they knocked the pick out if Chris Thile's fingers...

    Someday I'll relate how I broke a very expensive bow by mistake...sty tuned I guess!

  4. Sweet! It reminds me of Nickel Creek somehow. Must be the mandolin.

  5. Carol, you are very perceptive...that is Chris Thile from Nickel Creek on the mandolin...