Monday, December 26, 2011

Creepiest Piggy Bank Ever 2.0

Long-time subscribers to this blog (bwa-haha that's funny) may recall that last year when we did the first-ever Janie's Christmas Stocking fund raiser, my friends Steve and Ruth Hall contributed the contents of their spare-change piggy bank. Well, they've dropped off the bank again this year too, God bless them. It's a wonderful way to be a part of the fun, but they gave it with a few caveats:

1) I have to return the bank. No Problem...the thing gives me nightmares. This year, they dressed it up with some false eyelashes and a big red bow on the top of it's head. Yeah, that makes it much less chilling. Remember that awful shower scene in Psycho when the shadow falls on the shower curtain and the lady knows she's about to get it? "Reeee! Reee! Reee!" "Screeeeaamm!!" I wake up in a cold sweat having seen this pig, pretty eyelashes and all, appearing in the mirror when I closed the medicine cabinet. Or I get in the car and reach up to adjust the rear view mirror and there it is....slightly grinning. Or pushing me out of an airplane. Go ahead, click the picture. I dare you.

2) We have to remove the change ourselves from the
bank, which seems like it should be no big deal except that the maker of this particular bank made the hole in the bottom - the one for removing the coins - almost exactly the size of a quarter. Knowing what was ahead for me, Steve and Ruth I'm sure guffawed all the way home as they imagined me sticking my index finger into the pig's butt to extract their coins. I laughed a bit myself, actually, and reconfirmed what I'd known about myself my whole life: I do not want to be a proctologist.

Just a quick status update on Janie's Stocking: It's going great! It's going better than what you would see if you only look at the online giving page, which is only part of the story, as is evidenced above. I'll give a Grand Total Finale kind of thing on New Year's Day, and I'll tell the full story of all the wonderful people who have contributed as well as how this thing "took on a life of it's own."

Thanks so much for giving, my friends. 

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