Thursday, February 10, 2011

Being Missional May Kill Your Church

Ok, one more ditty on 'missional' church and then I'll stop for now. This is from the Resurgence and it quotes Ed Stetzer who is a church planting guru.

Stetzer gave the following list to help describe the missional 'shift' going on. I think it's a good thing, though some churches will be very uncomfortable with tweaking out their ministry paradigm or, for that matter, their very reason for existing. This is from Stetzer's book, Breaking The Missional Code. Please take your time; taste and digest slowly.

Missional churches move:    
        * From programs to processes
        * From demographics to discernment
        * From models to missions
        * From attractional to incarnational
        * From uniformity to diversity
        * From professional to passionate
        * From seating to sending
        * From decisions to disciples
        * From additional to exponential
        * From monuments to movements

Be challenged! Why do you go to church? What's it for? Is it what God would want?

Confused? It'll help a lot to watch the little video in the previous post. So why could being missional kill your church? Read the whole Resurgence blog post here.

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