Saturday, February 5, 2011

Missional Church Defined

Have you heard the term, "missional" in reference to a church and wondered what that meant? Here's a handy little guide.

And here is Tim Keller of Christ Redeemer Church in New York City discussing "missional" back in 2006.

I appreciate Keller so much. He has more to say about being the church in the 21st century at his church's website here..

Here's Keller on one way Christians can impact the living in the city:

"Once in cities, Christians should be a dynamic counterculture. It is not enough for Christians to simply live as individuals in the city. They must live as a particular kind of community. Jesus told his disciples that they were "a city on a hill" that showed God's glory to the world (Matt. 5:14-16). Christians are called to be an alternate city within every earthly city, an alternate human culture within every human culture..."

What this may call for in the lives of Christians who want to truly follow Christ this closely is risk. We may be asked to step out of our comfortable cocoons. I've been out of mine a few times in the last few months....sure, it can be a bit scary.....and exhilarating.

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