Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Authoritative, Indespensable Year-End Roundup of EarnestlyICQ

The Authoritative, Indespensable Year-End Roundup of EarnestlyICQ

Heh, I enjoyed that post title. Any guesses where I ripped that off from?

Anyway, I've never done a year-end roundup of the most popular posts of this (obscure) blog...and I'm not about to start now. However, I thought it might be fun(ny?) to put up some of the posts that I most enjoyed typing (or were most meaningful for me at the time) from the ENTIRE  HISTORY (since July 2009 haha) of this blog....for your year-end reading enjoyment. So both of you reading this blog can
have a laugh...or a cry. Either way, enjoy!

Your Best Life Later

"I Thought It Would Make Me Happy"

How To Ride A Roller Coaster

Holy, Holy, Holy

Herman J

This Side

Cowbells and Colossians

Drainers And Fillers

Chagall's Abraham

Splash Of Rain *and* Yankee Candle Convert

"Everything's Amazing And No One Is Happy"

Typing Lessons


In Which The Inexplicable Is Explained To Me

July 27th, 1985

Ping Pong

A Peewee In The Hallowed Culinary Halls

Beauty Will Rise

Jesus And The Plunger

Joyful Grieving?

Music: For The Soul

Pride Goeth Before A Summer

365 Days With Jesus

On Being Lifted Up

F.A.S.T.ing And Sacrifice

Wow, that was more than I thought there'd be...um, sorry about that. (But in all fairness, it is almost 2 1/2 years' worth.) Well, just pick out something that looks interesting to you (of course they were all brilliant to me at the time, heh) or, if you're smart, you'll go write your own posts instead of reading someone else's!

Final update on Janie's Stocking fund-raiser coming very soon!!!


  1. I read "Jesus And The Plunger" to my Sunday morning teen group earlier this year and they absolutely loved it - in the way it was told and the impact of the lesson(s) taught. Good one :)

  2. Thanks Blaine - 100% true story btw. I'll never forget that experience.

  3. I reread your posting "Holy, Holy, Holy" and it reminded me of an email I got from my brother that I thought you might find interesting.

    "I was reading the Christmas story in Luke, and got to Chapter 2, verses 8 to 11, where the angel appears to the shepherds and announces Christ's birth. When I got to the phrase 'and the glory of the Lord shone round about them', all of a sudden I flashed back to the first couple of chapters of Ezekiel, which I had just read a couple of days before. That is where the glory of the Lord appeared to Ezekiel in a vision (much like to Isaiah in Isaiah 6). [Actually, the Lord appears to Ezekiel several times in the first ten chapters of his book.]

    Anyway, the point being that, if you consider the appearance of the glory of the Lord shining round about the shepherds in Luke 2, and think of it in terms of Ezekiel's (or Isaiah's) vision of God's glory, it's no wonder that the rest of the verse in Luke 2 says 'and they were sore afraid'!"

  4. Cindy, that's a great comment. It reminded me of R.C. Sproul describing Isaiah in Is. 6 as "disintegrating." He said that when exposed to the "glory of the Lord," and Isaiah said, "woe is me, for I am undone..." he was saying he was coming apart at the seams. Disintegrating.

    Or to put it in Luke 2 terms, "sore afraid." I'd never made that connection between those two scenes. That's interesting. Thanks Cindy!